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We love Michigan...and its products!  We were born here, our families have been here for generations, and we're proud to call ourselves Michiganders.  By purchasing and selling local and regional products, our state benefits in many ways.  We're helping out the local economy, encouraging small business growth, and promoting job creation right here in Michigan.

In addition to using as many local ingredients as possible in our breads, sweets, and sandwiches, we offer a selection of other Michigan-made products for sale right here in our bakery!  These items are fabulous on their own or as additions to a Great Harvest gift basket.  Just give us a call and we'd be happy to help you put one together!

Oh, and be sure to click on the links below to discover more about each of these fine Michigan companies!

We feature a variety of delicious offerings from Leelanau Coffee of Glen Arbor.  Since 1993, Leelanau Coffee has been roasting and serving coffee right in the center of this picturesque "up North" town.  We offer a selection of their regional and seasonal varieties, including Bakery Blend, Cafe Glen Arbor, 45th Parallel Blend, Sleeping Bear Blend (half-caf) and Chocolate Cherry Festival.  It's "Michigan's Signature Coffee", and you can either enjoy it in the bakery or pick-up a package to brew at home.

Michiganders love American Spoon.  Since 1982, they’ve been preserving fruit in their Petoskey kitchen.  After all these years, their crew of skilled cooks still prepares fruits by hand and cooks them with care in small-batch copper kettles. They work directly with a dedicated group of Michigan farmers who grow the varieties of fruits we love, varieties bred over generations specifically for their unparalleled taste and unique character. Their small company exists to find, capture, and preserve flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

From its earliest beginnings, Brownwood Farms of Williamsburg / Traverse City was created around relationships with local farmers and with a desire to keep things simple, he says.  "We aim to create really great products that will stand on their own.   We use locally sourced ingredients and we never compromise on quality.  Even during the worst years, every cherry came from Leelanau County.  We didn’t outsource. We supported local farmers in the worst times."  We carry their incredible Cherry BBQ Sauce as well as "America's Original Cherry Butter" and "Old Fashioned Apple Butter".

Naturally Nutty was created by a Traverse City Mom for her kids.  They make amazing organic and natural nut and seed butters in a variety of flavors, all made with organic flax and organic hemp seed.  Containing wholesome and organic ingredients, each jar has been handcrafted from small batches.  Their "Butter Toffee Peanut Butter" was selected as one of Traverse Magazine's top Best Eats!

Backwoods Mustard Company is based in Davison.  Their Sweet Jalapeno has its roots in the backwoods of Northern Michigan deer camps. The recipe was perfected by founder Brian Ernst's mother over 20 years ago, and became a tradition both at camp and at backyard barbeques. Backwoods Mustard Company was a culmination of tradition and love for the outdoors. It was a long time coming, but now it’s time to "Break out the Backwoods"!

Whether you love to spend time in the kitchen or need to prepare a quick amazing meal, Dryden's own Love MI Seasons.  Fresh Herb Blend, BBQ Rub Blend and Latin inspired Acapulco Gold Blend will make your friends and family rave about your culinary skills!

Hopp Honey
Hopp Honey comes straight from the Chelsea hives of the store owner.  It is 100% pure RAW honey, which has been run through a course filter but has not been heated.  Unlike pasturized (heated) honey you get from the store, raw honey contains antioxidents, phytonutrients, prebiotics and antifungal agents.  In addition to being absolutely delicious, it's a healthy food that lasts almost forever without spoiling.  

Sweet Tree Farm Maple Syrup
Sweet Tree harvests their syrup in Oxford.  Pure maple syrup is a natural and nutritious sweetener and a smart choice as a sweet topping or as a flavorful ingredient in baking and cooking. As the original sweetener, Native American Indians were the first to recognize pure maple syrup as a source of nutrition and energy.  Researchers have since shown that maple syrup has a high nutritional value than all other common sweeteners. In addition to its wholesome, natural flavor, pure maple syrup has calories than most other common sweeteners.

Celebrating the beauty and spirit of northern Michigan in everything they make and do, Cherry Republic of Glen Arbor grew from selling t-shirts out of the trunk of a car to the world’s largest exclusive retailer of cherry food creations. Cherries are really truly gems of flavor and joy. We fell in love with their Original Cherry Salsa on a trip Up North, and knew we had to carry it in the bakery.  We also offer their Chocolate Covered Cherries, Sour Cherry Patches and other products.

"Because UR Priceless" Tea
Because UR Priceless is a Lake Orion original!  Says its founder, Shannon Cook, "I have long enjoyed a good cup of tea, but I was disappointed in how many teas were either one dimensional in their flavor or contained so many artificial flavorings that it was in no way healthy for you. Between my enjoyment of tea, my love of herbs, and the fact that I’m always up for a good challenge, creating my own tea blends was just "natural".  

Great Harvest Bread of Lake Orion
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