Great Harvest Bread
IRISH SODA BREAD (and much more) IS HERE!
Share this made-from-scratch tradition 
with your friends and family this St. Patricks's Day

ORDER TODAY by calling  (248) 391-5144 or stop by.

IRISH SODA BREAD is a unique and wonderful addition to your Saint Patrick's Day celebration! Enjoy with a pat of butter, a touch of jam, and a hot cup 'o tea!

Or share our IRISH BROWN BREAD! Molasses, red and white cracked wheat, rye, barley, corn, millet, oats, flax, and buckwheat kernels make up this fresh, whole grain bread. This bread is especially popular with a St. Patrick's Day meal.

And for a limited time we'll be making THE REAL REUBEN SANDWICH! This classic St. Patrick's day sandwich is made even better with simple ingredients on our fresh-baked, handcrafted Rye bread. 

 Share a whole lot o' sweetness & a wee bit Irish. Baking handcrafted, festive SUGAR COOKIES for your loved of everything Irish.
Great Harvest Bread of Lake Orion
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